About us

A research-based facilitation, training and coaching company 

with a unique combination of experience

Deep technical knowledge and experience of process industries and automation 
Application of sustainability based approaches in business
Extensive understanding of business concepts
Practical experience of working in small, medium and large companies
Public sector policy experience in central government
Working at the intersection between academics, business and policy environments
Trained in CTI Co-Active Coaching

And the commitment to enable you to make a difference.

What we believe

The complexity of the real world exacerbates our greatest challenges, but it can also provide the foundation for our most exciting opportunities. 

We believe a fair and sustainable future will only be realised by embracing complexity.
We believe real world complex systems require real world, pragmatic solutions.
We believe global change can only be achieved through local and individual action.
We believe we can equip people to operate with confidence, assurance and competence in the real complex world.
We believe engineering and technology have untapped, transformative potential.
We believe our expertise and insights can help you to drive real world change.

Who we are

Penny Hamlin
Co-Founder & Managing Director

A detailed understanding of the impact of technology and sustainability on business profitability and established expertise in process industry market dynamics. Proven ability to communicate complex ideas to business leaders and scientific concepts to non-technical audiences.  

Adept at working with a variety of stakeholders. Passionate about making a difference, and turning words and ideas into tangible outcomes. 

Chris Hamlin FREng
Co-Founder & Lead Advisor

A strong consulting professional with close to 30 years of experience in large manufacturing companies. A track record of improving manufacturing performance and commercial operations across the process industries.
A proud engineer and CTI trained Co-Active Coach with expertise in helping organisations leverage technology to transform themselves, their people and society at large, with an increasing emphasis on the business benefits that come from sustainability-based approaches.