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Engineering a Sustainable World

We are thrilled to appear in this news style programme produced by ITN Business in partnership with the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).  The programme explores the role chemical and process engineers are playing in addressing climate change, the importance of collaboration between industry and academia, and why it’s critical to inspire the next generation of engineers. It was a great opportunity to present the findings of the C-THRU Project that we have been contributing to over the last three years, and to provide a hint of what's next for us.


The video below focuses entirely on C-THRU and features ourselves and Professor Jon Cullen who led the project discussing some of the key findings of this important project.

IChemE Showcase

The video below presents a summary of the full Engineering a Sustainable World news style programme.  The full programme can be viewed on the the IChemE YouTube channel.


A 3 year international research project looking at future interventions
and innovation opportunities to minimise greenhouse gas emissions in the petrochemicals sector